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8 Health Benefits of Using Cannabis

Legal cannabis is a common subject for debate these days. Scientists are delving into the subject, and finding some surprising health benefits never before associated with the substance. The active compounds in marijuana are called cannabinoids, and there are dozens of them. These compounds exist in different quantities and ratios in different strains of the plant, resulting in the development

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5 Botanical Gardens To Add To Your Bucket List

Whether you’re an avid gardener, plant connoisseur, or if you just like to look at beautiful flowers, botanical gardens are great attractions for quick weekend trips and vacation getaways alike. From Canada, to Brazil and everywhere in between, there are beautiful gardens across the world well worth a visit. For plant enthusiasts of all kinds, consider adding a trip to

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Try These Products For All of the High But None of the Smoke

When most people think of partaking in marijuana, they think of smoking it to feel the effects. There are, however, many ways to partake in cannabis without using pipes, bongs, or other means of smoking. We have a variety of edibles available at both our Spanaway and Tacoma stores. If you’d like to get high but don’t want to smoke,

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Four Quality Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Stoner

It’s almost 2017. We have cars that talk to us, video chat on our cell phones, and typing “weed” into Google Maps will lead you to high quality marijuana. In lieu of this progressive era, think about gifts your friends and family will truly enjoy this holiday season, and consider some of these stocking stuffers for marijuana lovers on your Christmas list.

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Nothing but the Hits: 5 Cannabis Strains

Cannabis connoisseurs and dabblers alike will notice an arsenal of key players on many recreational and medical shop menus. On a metaphorical “best of” compilation album, these would be the mandatory hits whose undeniable influence would guarantee them a spot on the track list. Among the ranks of popular hybrid, indica, and sativa strains, these tend to float toward the

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Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid – Which Is Right for You?

Those who are unfamiliar with the world of cannabis or medical marijuana may be surprised to learn that different strains of the cannabis plant can have different impacts on those using the plant. The cannabis plant, commonly called marijuana, is a plant that has been cultivated for a variety of uses for centuries. As such, selective breeding among humans who

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