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Photo: Assorted concentrated products in packaging (1000*667)
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Photo: topicals, salves, and tinctures (1000*667)
  • Topicals, Tinctures, & Caps
  • The purest byproduct of cannabis plants, buds are the commonly-used name for flowers sold in 1g, 3.5g, and 7g increments. The Gallery selects only the finest producers and products to display and sell in our stores, therefore ensuring our customers are provided the very best experience. If you haven’t tried these products before, there’s no better time!
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  • Edibles & Beverages
  • A discreet and flavorful alternative to smoking, edibles and infused beverages have finally come out of the dark and into the light of legalization. The result is a wide assortment of products from manufacturers all across Washington State. From candies to crackers to sodas and lemonade, The Gallery chooses only the finest edibles and beverages to feature in our stores.
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  • The Gallery Glassware & Wares
  • From water pipes to one-hitters, cilliums, and bubblers, The Gallery has an extensive selection of custom glassware. An art unto itself, the creation of unique and interesting glassware is a valued aspect of the cannabis experience and one that The Gallery is committed to sharing with newcomers and long-time users alike.
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