With legalization comes a multitude of delivery systems and innovation continues to push forward toward more complex and sophisticated methods of consuming cannabis. The Gallery strives to cater to cannabis enthusiasts of all types, no matter their preferred method of consumption.


Chillums are also known as “one-hitters,” or small, straight glass pieces that are meant to be portable, easy to clean, and perfect for a quick hit or two without wasting too much of the herb.

Pipes and Bowls

Most cannabis pipes or bowls come with three standard elements: a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a carburetor, while style, design, and appearance can vary between individual glassblowers.


Bubblers use water to diffuse smoke, which softens the hit and reduces the physical drawbacks of smoking. Bubblers tend to come in two types: one-piece bubblers and those with removable bowls.


Bongs come in beaker or straight-tube varieties, each with their own advantages and downsides. Beakers have larger base chambers that allow for diffusion through water and often provide more drag than a straight tube due to the increased amount of water in the apparatus. Straight-tube water pipes maintain a consistent diameter throughout the entire design, but use an angled opening for the downstem.