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Topicals include infused lotions, balms, sprays, salves, and oils that are meant to be absorbed locally to reduce pain, soreness, and inflammation. They do not contain psychoactive elements, making them an ideal solution for medical patients and those suffering from headaches, cramping, intense pain, inflammation due to arthritis, and even some forms of seizures.

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Cannabis caps (or capsules) are simply concentrated cannabis extractions in a liquid-gel pill form. The advantages of caps are clear: those with respiratory conditions such as asthma may wish to consume cannabis caps over smoking to avoid making their conditions worse.

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Most commonly referred to as “green dragons,” tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that were the primary form of cannabis medication until prohibition. Tinctures are typically applied in 1-2mL doses beneath one’s tongue, but larger doses are usually used in edibles and food recipes. The potency and liquid form help to make them the preferred cannabis form for cooking applications.

A single tincture-based dosage can last longer than smoking and take effect more quickly than edibles, with most users reaching their peaks about 90 minutes after ingestion.