8 Health Benefits of Using Cannabis

Legal cannabis is a common subject for debate these days. Scientists are delving into the subject, and finding some surprising health benefits never before associated with the substance.

The active compounds in marijuana are called cannabinoids, and there are dozens of them. These compounds exist in different quantities and ratios in different strains of the plant, resulting in the development and growth of specific strains to create certain medical effects. While most people are familiar with the anti-nausea and sleep aid property of marijuana, it actually offers many more benefits.

Marijuana concentrates can control epileptic seizures.

Cannabis is proven to be effective for controlling muscle spasms and seizures. In fact, marijuana concentrates have shown positive results in children whose epilepsy doesn’t respond to any traditional medical treatments. Many people believe that one particular cannabinoid, CBD, is responsible for suppressing seizures. However, early research indicates that the presence of THC in marijuana-based seizure treatments is critical to its long-term effectiveness. CBD alone may suppress seizures in the short term, but patients who do not use THC as well may relapse after a few weeks or months. While the exact reason is unknown, this phenomenon is called the “Entourage Effect.”

Medical marijuana has can reduced lung damage from tobacco.

For years, people assumed that smoking any plant-based product would create similar damage and cancer risks to those caused by tobacco smoke. Studies are only just starting to show that the opposite may be true. In some marijuana users who have suffered serious, debilitating lung issues as a result of long-term tobacco use, their marijuana use may be helping. Marijuana does not impair lung function and may even increase overall lung capacity.

Marijuana could slow the progress of neuro-degenerative conditions

For those who are diagnosed with conditions like Multiple Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, their brains and bodies begin working against them. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows that those who use certain strains of marijuana regularly may stave off their degeneration, reduce overall presence of symptoms, and even reverse some of the earlier damage they experienced.

Marijuana reduces your sensation of pain without involving opioid receptors

Marijuana helps to reduce all kinds of pain, but it does so in a truly unique way. Instead of reducing pain in the same way as painkillers typically do, it simply distracts the brain from the physical sensation. Those who use marijuana are still aware of their pain or discomfort, but they are able to focus on other things and let the pain become more like background noise than the primary soundtrack to their life.

Marijuana helps those with PTSD and suicidal ideation

In states with legal access to marijuana, suicide rates among men have dropped by as much as 20 percent. Marijuana can help alleviate the crushing depression and anxiety that lead to suicidal ideation and can help those with PTSD control their symptoms and triggers. Given that both of these conditions are difficult to treat, marijuana offers real, immediate hope to those with serious mental illness.

Disclaimer: This content is contains general information and is not intended to be medical advice. Information above has been found to be true in some cases, but is not tried and true for every case or condition.  Please consume responsibly.

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