Marijuana Demand Could Top Ice Cream in U.S.

“One scoop or two?” may soon be replaced by the question, “One bud or two?” That’s right. Marijuana is on pace to someday surpass the sale of ice cream, in the United States. Recent research by Marijuana Business Daily indicates that if cannabis were to be federally decriminalized, the $4 billion gray market industry would earn more than the beloved frozen treat. If

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You’re Invited to 7/10: The Day of Dabs

Calling all Dab Lovers! Celebrate National Hash Day at The Gallery on 7/10 ! Stop in at any of our three Pacific Northwest locations in Spanaway, Tacoma, and South Hill Puyallup on Friday, 7/7 through Monday, 7/10 to receive special offers on Rochester Farms concentrates, Cannabis Quenchers, Top-Shelf Clear Infused joints, and Ionic products. In addition to great deals on a

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How To Pick a Quality Piece of Glass

For the discerning marijuana consumer, a proper piece of glass is essential to enjoyment. There are times when a small pipe that fits in the palm of your hand is the right choice, and other moments when you are looking for a statement piece, a bong or bubbler that is well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional. There are numerous factors

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Vendor Spotlight: Zoots Cannabis Edibles

The world of marijuana has changed drastically over the past few years—especially now that Washington, Colorado and other states have finally legalized recreational cannabis use. This has led to a huge burgeoning market of marijuana-related products, some of them outstanding and some of them not so much. One company that has begun to take the industry by storm is Zoots

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