Four Quality Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Stoner

It’s almost 2017. We have cars that talk to us, video chat on our cell phones, and typing “weed” into Google Maps will lead you to high quality marijuana. In lieu of this progressive era, think about gifts your friends and family will truly enjoy this holiday season, and consider some of these stocking stuffers for marijuana lovers on your Christmas list.

1. Stylish, hand crafted bongs

There are tons of smoking devices out there, so if you’re looking to expand your repertoire a bong might be just the thing. At The Gallery, we can help you optimize your smoking experience with a variety of high quality pieces and bongs. This holiday season, consider a beaker or straight-tube bong in a number of sizes to enhance your loved-ones smoking experience.  

2. Edibles and beverages

Choosing edibles and beverages gives users the chance to opt out of smoking and enjoy a more relaxed high for a longer period of time. At The Gallery, we don’t just offer your typical pot brownies. From decadent, infused chocolate syrup to top your favorite dessert, to refreshing Cannabis Quencher Lemonade, we have many different gift options that give you a great experience without the smoke. 

3. Buds and flowers for any type of high

From OG Sour to Dutchberry, there are many varieties to choose for to create your ideal high. If you’re looking for something specific or don’t know where to start, our budtenders are knowledgeable on all of our products and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Concentrates and oils

If your favorite marijuana enthusiast is partial to hash, concentrates, or oils there are also many options available. From Water Hash, with lower levels of THC, to Butane Hash Oil, with up to 90 percent THC there are many options to suit your loved one’s preferences.

For more information about our products or to do your holiday shopping (for your friends and family over 21) this holiday season visit our stores and website today. From our family to yours, happy holidays!

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