An Introduction to Marijuana Edibles

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the eponymous heroine partakes of tasty treats that cause her to grow or shrink in an instant. If you ever wanted to be like Alice and consume perspective-altering delights, this is a good time to be alive, because there are now so many delicious ways to eat marijuana.

Cannabis edibles are getting seriously sophisticated. It’s no longer about a squashed pot brownie in rumpled tin foil handed to you by a guy in a Styx t-shirt. You can find recipes for everything from cannabis-infused pesto to ganja foie gras candy bars paired with stone(d) fruit. You can experiment at home by creating your own cannabutter – the key ingredient in most edibles – or head to any of The Gallery’s three locations to chat with our knowledgeable budtenders about which medical/recreational cannabis product is best for you. The chemistry of it is pretty interesting, if you want to go on that scientific trip. But instead, let’s take a step back and look at a bit of marijuana edibles history.

In ancient India, Bhang was sacred to Lord Shiva The Destroyer and his devotees, who consumed a preparation of the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant during holy days and other times when they wished to commune with the divine. The bhang lassi is a notorious drink among travelers to the East looking to transcend this earthly plane. This tasty beverage that combines yogurt, fruit, nuts, cardamom, and a paste ground from buds and leaves of cannabis is believed to enable a person to understand one of the most powerful Hindu deities and possibly achieve liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.

From this ritual drink of the distant past, to the cannabis brownies developed by Gertrude Stein’s partner, Alice B. Toklas, in Paris in the 1920s, to the increasingly mainstream marijuana edibles of today, people have long been interested in vehicles for marijuana other than inhalation of smoke.

What are the advantages of eating rather than inhaling cannabis? Of course, edibles are convenient – you can use them almost anywhere and any time without drawing attention or annoying others, which you can’t always do if you’re smoking. Edibles also travel easily and don’t require accessories to enjoy.

But what about the experience? It has been observed that the high from taking cannabis by the “oral route” is mellower and more relaxed. If you are into achieving a chiller state of being, this may be the way for go. Edibles and beverages are digested, which leads to a longer, and some say a more intense high. Be aware that the effects may last between four and twelve hours. If you are an edibles newbie, make sure you have nowhere to be for a while so that you can enjoy the ride. It’s pretty individualized, so you need to gain that first-hand experience; don’t rely on a friend’s, for as they say in the ads, “your experience may differ.”

There is an edible marijuana preparation for every taste, from sweet to savory, salty to umami to sour. There are lemonade and coffee beverages, cookies, cocktails, and cakes. You can get in the kitchen and experiment with recipes or find the latest in Pacific Northwest weed products from the professionals at The Gallery. We love to talk about the products we carry and send you off in a new direction with the right knowledge to have an epic journey.


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