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In response to the growing acceptance of marijuana culture in the United States, one of the largest digital English dictionaries,, has added several cannabis-related words to its lexicon. Such words include 420, kush, and dabbing, all of which are well-known terms in the cannabis community.

Cannabis is enjoying its greatest social acceptance in recent history. It is steadily becoming medically and recreationally legal at the state level throughout much of the United States, and Canada is expected to announce legalization legislation soon. The inclusion of cannabis-related words in is just another step toward, and sign of, the integration of cannabis and cannabis culture within the larger society.

Every year, adds 300 new words to its register. The new words typically reflect social trends in art, fashion, and food. Changes in the word list reflect how the English language evolves. The fact that lexicographers are now incorporating the words of cannabis culture is a great step toward cannabis being accepted on a broader scale.

Part of the way decides what words to add is by keeping track of what terms the dictionary’s users are searching for, and what searches don’t have positive results in the form of a definition. As more users search for a term that is technically undefined in the database, the site’s language experts consider including it. They don’t set or control the English language, but they react to its natural progress, including the use slang and idioms. By including these marijuana-related words in the newest update, the experts have confirmed that they are now part of the common culture. Ultimately, it was not their decision to add them, but the decision of the populace using their service to search for definitions.

Washington was one of the first states to make recreational use of marijuana legal. As a result, the consumer market has exploded, and areas like Tacoma are the centers of the action. The retail environment for weed is still young and evolving, but there is a promising future for consumer marijuana thanks to shops like The Gallery.

The Gallery has created a retail shopping experience unlike anything else in the recreational cannabis market. The Gallery was conceptualized as a high-class retail space for patrons to come shop for cannabis in an aesthetically pleasing art + cannabis fusion environment. The goal is to change marijuana purchasing into a true recreational experience.

The fact that is incorporating more and more cannabis-related words into their database, and that businesses like The Gallery are reshaping the cannabis retail experience, are strong indicators that weed is becoming part of mainstream society. Hopefully the transition will continue to run smoothly.

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