Nothing but the Hits: 5 Cannabis Strains

Cannabis connoisseurs and dabblers alike will notice an arsenal of key players on many recreational and medical shop menus. On a metaphorical “best of” compilation album, these would be the mandatory hits whose undeniable influence would guarantee them a spot on the track list. Among the ranks of popular hybrid, indica, and sativa strains, these tend to float toward the top of the charts. Here are five of the most requested, most recommended, no-fail options to add to your personal repertoire (if they aren’t already in rotation).

Blue Dream

While this hybrid strain tends to lean a bit more heavily toward the sativa side, Blue Dream produces remarkably balanced effects, nestling consumers somewhere comfortably in the middle of whole-body chill and sensory stimulation. The high-THC strain originally hailed from California and has since become a favorite among many consumers. The blend of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze is also a popular choice for medical cannabis patients.

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat has earned its title and its reputation as a stress-killer. This hybrid is rampant across the Amsterdam coffee shop scene, and has since gained traction in recreational and medicinal shops here across the pond. Treat yourself to this earthy, sticky-sweet and sappy strain and put your mind at ease.

Girl Scout Cookies

This potent blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison has won awards for its ability to send consumers on a mental vacation to the metaphorical shores of a sunshiney, tropical island. Just a touch can elevate your mood and settle you into a relaxed headspace. Several phenotype variations are available, from Thin Mint to Platinum Cookies, so mileage can vary depending on your product of choice.

Granddaddy Purple

When Purple Urkle meets Big Bud, this go-to indica strain is born. Granddaddy Purple borrows its name from its deep purple flowers, which also feature a sparkling layer of resin crystals. Though its indica nature will likely keep you planted in a good resting spot, it has an impressive capacity to inspire lofty, dreamy vibes.

Pineapple Express

The illustrious Pineapple Express is a tropical cross between hybrid strain Trainwreck and sativa Hawaiian. This super-hybrid has won the hearts and palates of consumers looking to fuel a good creative bout. It can be enjoyed before an afternoon of household chores to liven up otherwise monotonous tasks, and will otherwise light a fire under consumers who could use a productivity boost.

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