How To Pick a Quality Piece of Glass

For the discerning marijuana consumer, a proper piece of glass is essential to enjoyment. There are times when a small pipe that fits in the palm of your hand is the right choice, and other moments when you are looking for a statement piece, a bong or bubbler that is well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional. There are numerous factors to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect glassware. Which type of device is the best fit for your lifestyle? Is it important to you that you buy from a local artisan? Let’s talk form, function, and price. Find your missing piece, the object that completes you.

Are you buying a glass water pipe for everyday use? Or are you looking for more of a special occasion bong? Do you want to mix and match accessories? How committed are you to cleaning and care? Are you clumsy? Are your friends? Seriously, it should be a consideration. Consider glass thickness, compactness, and grip when making a decision.

Ask yourself if you want a piece of colorful glass that appeals to your individuality, or if your style leans more toward the mad scientist end of the glass spectrum. Small pipes are portable; you can keep them in your pocket, glove compartment, or the basket of your bike. If you like to smoke outside surrounded by awe-inspiring nature, a simple glass pipe will work well for you. Large, elaborate units are best kept at home, but if you’re in the market for something flashy or intriguing, there are almost limitless possibilities.

The Tacoma bong scene is crazy right now, with much innovation and creativity. Different forms of percolation chambers, such as honeycomb, inline, and tree percs, allow the smoker different ways to diffuse airflow, which affects both the heat and the smoothness of your inhalation. We’re talking form and function, how it looks and how it works – and how it suits your personality. That’s why we think it’s important to take a look around. Shop locally for a true Tacoma weed pipe so you can really get a sense of how it looks, feels and operates. It may sound corny, but like Harry Potter getting his bespoke wand from Ollivander’s, the right pipe might just find you.

With three shops in the Tacoma area, The Gallery, is honored to sell pipes crafted by local artists. Whether the pipe you buy is strictly functional or highly artistic, it can be an investment in the local economy, and we’re all about keeping things local. We’re also more than happy to talk about our favorite pieces, both classic and cutting edge. Come in and see some quality glass & wares choices that could change the way you smoke and maybe the way you see the world.

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