We want to help you take your high to the next level with a few simple tips. We’ve scoured the internet and put together a list of best bud practices. If you are going to smoke, you ought to extract every drop of intoxicant from the magic marijuana. We welcome comments and contributions; if you think we’ve missed a trick, let us know!

  1. Hit a Gravity Bong

Let’s consider the benefits of using a gravity bong to elevate your high. Bowls and pipes are great for the neophyte, but if are ready to get a headier higher, you want to fill your lungs with smoke the way only this contraption can. It’s an intense experience, and not for the newb. This technique is somewhat old-school, and has that DIY spirit many smokers embrace.

  1. Avoid a “Top Shelf”

If you don’t inhale deeply enough, you may get your smoke stuck up on the top shelf. Talking or laughing while inhaling can cause this pot faux pas. Take it slow when you draw in breath and hold the smoke in serenely if you can. Otherwise you may end up coughing uncontrollably, which could draw attention to yourself and your friends and waste precious weed in the process.

  1. Change it Up

Your smoking routine can plateau your high. You may need to shake it up in order to recharge your experience. Humans adjust, we adapt. So, if you are used to smoking every morning, you may notice your high has become mundane. Try smoking at night instead, in a different room from your usual spot, outside, under the stars. Try listening to different music or contemplating a new subject. You may simply be stuck in a rut. Get out of your head. Open yourself up to a new type of experience.

  1. Use A Grinder

You’ve got to get a grinder. According to our sources, this is the best way to ensure that you are burning consistently. As a side bonus, you’ll end up with a good amount of kief as a high by product. This dust that collects in a grinder’s bottom chamber has super concentrated THC. Add a sprinkle of kief to your supply when you want to get intensely high.

  1. Take a Tolerance Break

Even the Willie Nelson-ist among us sometimes needs a break from the herb. Maybe you’ve been smoking too much, too regularly, it has become too much of a habit. A high should be just that. If smoking wonderful, delightful, mind-expanding weed no longer feels like soaring, give yourself a few days off. Absence makes the heart (and lungs) grow fonder. When you next inhale, you will feel that giggly, delicious, heightened feeling again, as if for the first time.

The good folks here at The Gallery have lots of ideas for increasing your high. Come down and let’s put our heads together.

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