Denver Businesses Are The First to Allow Cannabis Use In America

Who’s up for a road trip to Denver? In the long haul of marijuana legalization, this progressive Colorado city is taking ...

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Smoking Tips for A Better High

We want to help you take your high to the next level with a few simple tips. We’ve scoured the internet and put together a ...

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Vendor Spotlight: Gaga Edibles and Extracts

Are you looking to get into extracts? Hungry for a new type of edible? Curious about the cool pre-roll products on the ...

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Marijuana: Patent Pending

When a product goes mainstream, you can count on the government to try and regulate it. And you can count on insidious ...

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How to Clean Your Glass

There are many ways to go about cleaning your glass, and some of the methods are certainly more advisable than others. Here ...

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Vendor Spotlight: Top Shelf

The ever-burgeoning world of recreational cannabis has bred a population of bud connoisseurs. Though high quality strains of ...

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Marijuana Demand Could Top Ice Cream in U.S.

“One scoop or two?” may soon be replaced by the question, “One bud or two?” That’s right. ...

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Vermont Governor Vetoes Marijuana Legalization

The state of Vermont recently tried to do something that no state has ever done. They attempted to legalize recreational ...

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