Try These Products For All of the High But None of the Smoke

When most people think of partaking in marijuana, they think of smoking it to feel the effects. There are, however, many ways to partake in cannabis without using pipes, bongs, or other means of smoking. We have a variety of edibles available at both our Spanaway and Tacoma stores. If you’d like to get high but don’t want to smoke, consider trying these edible and drinkable products instead.

First: A few things to know

Typical dosages for edibles include 5-10 mg of THC. Users typically experience a calmer, more relaxed high although results vary from person to person. Edibles and beverages are absorbed through the digestive system, rather than the lungs. Please keep in mind that the effects of marijuana consumed by eating or drinking rather than smoking typically take longer to take effect. They may not present for 30-60 minutes and can last for up to 12 hours so please enjoy slowly and consume responsibly!

For a light, refreshing beverage and a high to match: Cannabis Quencher Lemonade

This light, summery beverage is a has a tarty THC twist. Available in classic flavor, strawberry lemonade, sparkling, and other seasonal varieties, this vegan and gluten-free beverage has a great taste that’ll keep you wanting more. Each bottle is equipped with 30 milligrams of THC, so we recommend starting with small sips, and consuming slowly as the effects can take up to two hours to kick in.

For a delicious and sweet dessert: Caramel Espresso ZootBites Brownies

Zoots are great tasting brownies infused with 10mg of cannabis per serving. These brownie bites are made with all natural ingredients, with THC evenly mixed throughout the batter to enhance your experience. The classic caramel espresso flavor can be found in our store, and keep an eye out for new flavors including Chocolate Mint Cookies and Kooki Dough Baked Blondies.  

To add a little extra to your favorite dessert: Cannabis Syrups and Elixirs

Nothing beats an ice cream sundae…expect maybe an ice cream sundae with cannabis infused syrup on top. The Gallery is a proud vendor for our local counterparts, Craft Elixirs who make small batch cannabis syrups right here in Seattle. With chocolate varieties including CBD, Incindia, Sativa with 100mg of CBD and THC respectively per bottle, these syrups are great on ice cream, berries, in your favorite drink, and more. All of these syrups are vegan, GMO free, and gluten free. Recommended dosages are 5-10 mg per serving.

For a new take on your morning routine: THC Infused Coffee

Seattle is known for their coffee, but this coffee takes creativity to the next level. Available in both decaf and caffeinated varieties, Fairwinds coffee adds 10 mg of THC to your cup of Joe, and it’s even available in K-Cups for your Keurig. We’re a proud vendor for Fairwinds Coffee, another local company where engineer James Hull left his career in high tech engineering to pursue his love of horticulture. The results? A perfectly engineered, tasty product that brings a blissful and energetic high to your morning coffee.

At The Gallery, we believe in giving you a high end, enjoyable experience that will keep you satisfied and coming back for more. While some customers enjoy smoking, others do not. That’s why we have many options for people who would rather partake in other ways. To learn more about our products or to plan a trip to our store visit our website today!
**Please note that our supplies and availability varies between stores. For an up-to-date, full list of available products, check out our the menus for our Spanaway and Tacoma stores. We hope to see you soon!

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