Vendor Spotlight: Gaga Edibles and Extracts

Are you looking to get into extracts? Hungry for a new type of edible? Curious about the cool pre-roll products on the market? We’ve got to share one of our favorite, local, Washington-based companies that processes and distributes concentrates, edibles, and more.

Gaga Edibles is an awesome company whose business ethos matches ours. This is premium stuff — consistent, high quality, and always delightfully intoxicating. There is something for everyone, and you can purchase its products right here with us.

There are lots of reasons for choosing an edible cannabis product, as opposed to smoking weed to get high. Some of us have sensitive lungs, others want to be more discreet about marijuana use, while many simply enjoy the whimsy of eating something yummy that can transport you to another level of consciousness. Whatever your motivation, Gaga’s got the goods for you.

We are personally attached to the peanut butter cups right now. They are rich, chocolatey, and potent. They make a great movie snack. They’ve also got a hard candy that is nothing like what your nana kept in her purse, creamers to brighten up your coffee, and something called “The Juicy,” which is a citrus-y taffy that just has to be experienced. It’s like nothing else we’ve ever tasted. Edibles are great party-starters and can make any day walking around enjoying Tacoma a little more fun.

Pre-rolled joints have come a long way, baby. And the ones in the Gaga line are some of the best we know. The weed in these is truly high-quality. There are flavored ones that blend novelty with stellar product — the blueberry is like a summer day — and innovative mixes like the Rasta Roll. These are a great choice if you want something easy and quick, if you only are an occasional smoker, or want to try something new. They are naturally-infused, 1-gram joints that provide just the hit you need when you’re on the go around town. We like to take them into the mountains for a tasty twist on hiking high.

Then you’ve got your extracts. Concentrates are kind of where it’s at right now. If you like to know your honey oil is consistent, we highly recommend trying these. They’ve got a pure shatter that is so beautiful we could cry; it’s like amber that contains the DNA of ancient heroes and philosopher-kings. If you are just getting into vaping, we think you’re going to be very pleased to try this golden budder. The more experienced among us adore their VS Reserve. The Liquid Shatter is perfect for the avid dabber. This range of products is definitely cutting edge and glorious. Get a more pure and perfect high with these high-test concentrates.

Get to The Gallery for all the Gaga products. The Gaga Edibles customer service game is on point, and we feel 100% good about carrying. You know we wouldn’t sell you anything that is less than superior. Let’s try some fun stuff together.

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