The ever-burgeoning world of recreational cannabis has bred a population of bud connoisseurs.

Though high quality strains of marijuana have been developed through the past several decades, these varieties have not been widely available until recently.

Widespread social and legal acceptance of the plant has opened the door for larger production of premium buds. Consumers in Washington, and across the country, have become more educated on the genetics of premium strains. Companies like Top Shelf are now here to serve the customer with the refined palate and stock the shelves of retailers like The Gallery.

Premium quality marijuana starts with superior plant genetics, but can only occur as a result of safe and professional growing practices. Top Shelf prides itself on growing consistent quality, top-shelf cannabis buds through a system of round the clock care and management of plants. Their crops are grown with hand watering and hand trimming. Professionals inspect every plant every day to insure the best possible harvest and the most quality high in the market.

Ensuring a safe end product is a top priority of Top Shelf. “We Grow Only Premium” is the mantra around the TS facility. Chemical pesticides are simply not used. All insect pests are managed through an Integrated Pest Management Program focused on the use of predatory insects that prey upon the herbivorous insect pests. Plants at Top Shelf are grown in environmentally-friendly coco coir, eliminating the need for synthetic growing media or precious topsoil.

Top Shelf cannabis horticulture includes state-of-the-art management of plant nutrients and external environment. Top Shelf’s growing platform includes an environmentally-controlled facility that maximizes efficient management of light, temperature, and humidity. Modern nutrient solutions allow Top Shelf’s professional growers to continually monitor, alter, and manipulate concentrations of the sixteen essential plant nutrients during crucial plant growth stages. Knowing how, and when, to provide the perfect growing conditions for maximum quality is the Top Shelf’s specialty.

Top Shelf provides flowers and pre-rolls for retailers in the state of Washington, including The Gallery locations in Tacoma, Spanaway, and South Hill Puyallup. Its premium strains of cannabis currently include varieties such as Dutch Treat, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple. All are grown to pesticide-free, organic standards.

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