The world of marijuana has changed drastically over the past few years—especially now that Washington, Colorado and other states have finally legalized recreational cannabis use. This has led to a huge burgeoning market of marijuana-related products, some of them outstanding and some of them not so much.

One company that has begun to take the industry by storm is Zoots Cannabis Edibles, which The Gallery sells at its three locations in Tacoma, Spanaway and Puyallup. Unlike many other manufacturers of marijuana edibles, Zoots takes a holistic approach to the process and is attempting to change the way people feel about cannabis in general, and more specifically, about edibles.

Much of Zoots’ marketing efforts have been inspired by the alcohol industry, which is why its ads usually feature normal looking people in everyday situations. The company’s goal is to change people’s attitudes about pot by presenting it as a mainstream activity. Basically, the company is attempting to rid the edibles industry of its shady, underground reputation.

Another way that Zoots is changing attitudes about cannabis is by producing edibles in smaller doses. Where some edible companies regularly produce the strongest products allowed under current state laws, Zoots products are produced in smaller serving sizes to give the user more direct control over their experience. Instead of eating one brownie or chocolate candy and getting so high you no longer know where you are, you can eat a ZootBites brownie or ZootRocks hard candy, each containing a relatively low dose of THC, to become only as intoxicated as you want to be.

Along with longtime crowd-pleasing treats like brownies and cookies, Zoots offers a range of innovative products that take edibles in new directions. ZootRocks are tasty hard candies available in a range of flavors, with just 5 mg of THC each. For those looking for a mild pick-me-up, ZootBlast is a range of cannabis-infused energy drinks containing energizing ingredients like guarana and yerba mate, in addition to THC extract. ZootDrops are a range of flavored cannabis-infused liquids that can be mixed with other beverages or drunk straight up for your choice of a relaxing experience or a quick boost of energy. Zoots even offers a booklet of cocktail recipes for ZootDrops.

Far from being your average marijuana edibles producer, Zoots is doing new and creative things in its marketing and in its range of products. Growth has been rapid and consumer response positive at our stores in the Tacoma area and elsewhere. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Stop by The Gallery to check out Zoots’ innovative cannabis edibles for yourself.

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