Visiting Tacoma? Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy Marijuana

There are so many reasons to visit Tacoma, Washington, a city of spectacular natural beauty and cultural happenings. If you’ve ever wanted to see a cityscape against the backdrop of an ice-capped and mystical mountain, this is the place to visit now! In the shadow of Mt. Rainier, Tacoma offers visitors outdoor activities like hiking and biking along sublime trails; strolling or inline skating through waterfront parks; boating and swimming in the spectacular Puget Sound and beautiful bay; exploring woods and streams; and great freshwater and saltwater fishing.

There are museums, shopping, theaters, and a burgeoning restaurant scene that sources amazing local products from the fertile land and water all around. Farm to table food and local wines abound.

If you are visiting Washington to partake of another natural delight, marijuana, you will want to do your research first. For while it is legal to buy pot here if you are 21 or above, there are some constraints on where and how you may enjoy it.

Pot tourism is becoming a legitimate and lucrative industry for our forward-thinking state. You can even find weed concierges to facilitate your experience and ensure you make the most of your high time in Washington. We have access to some truly beautiful bud. And while you are here you may procure up to one ounce at a time from a legal weed dispensary. Expect to pay between $10 and $12 per gram, although you may be tempted to spend a bit more for some seriously excellent product. You are on vacation, after all; treat yourself!

You can transport marijuana in your own car, as long as you are not intoxicated or actively smoking, and as long as you don’t cross the state line. You may not smoke in public spaces, and your hotel room is definitely a questionable place to light up that chillum. Even in progressive Washington, where Tacoma marijuana tourism is a growing business on numerous fronts, there are folks who don’t wish to smell pot smoke while they are out and about on their daily errands.

As a visitor, you wouldn’t want to impinge on locals in their own city. Be courteous and smart, and all will be well. Two discrete options to consider are a portable vaporizer, and awesome marijuana edibles, many of which are made locally.

A fine place to start your experience is The Gallery, a unique combination of art gallery and weed shop with three locations in the Tacoma area. Our knowledgeable budtenders will hook you up with information on where to go, what to buy and how to enjoy it safely and legally.

We are a very inviting people, we Tacomans, and we want to see local pot tourism thrive and for everyone to have a safe and happy stay. We’ll help you however we can, but we also want everyone to be respectful of the laws, to protect our progressive environment. Smoke what you like, sit back, relax, and look up at the mountain. That’s what we do.

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