A gallery is an alluring space that houses art, a room filled with aesthetically-pleasing objects. It is a thoughtfully yet sparely designed setting that highlights the works on display. There is interplay between the architectural elements and the installations. A gallery is pristine, dynamic, hushed, pretty, soothing, inspiring, and for some of us, a nearly sacred space.

For all these reasons, we chose to name our store, The Gallery. We set out to redefine what a marijuana retailer can look like. The Gallery follows the vision of an art + cannabis fusion environment. Melding unique artwork with high quality, locally sourced marijuana products is at the core of The Gallery’s mission.

Our customers are the soul of this business. We seek to inform, teach, welcome, and share a love of marijuana products that we believe enhances the mind, body and soul. For as playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, “without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” Creative minds intersect with cannabis interest for each of our customers as they walk through our doors.

The Gallery is a marijuana shop crossed with an upscale art gallery. We are unique in the Tacoma area, for we place the utmost value on the experience of shopping for weed. We seek to bring the local pot shop out of the shadows and into the light. We believe that a high-class marijuana store can thrive in the Pacific Northwest, and we strive to make this vision a reality. Your shopping experience should be one filled with excitement, expansion of cannabis knowledge, and exposure to beautiful works of art. We want our customers to love coming here, wandering, browsing, daydreaming, and talking to like-minded folks about cannabis, music, sculpture, glass blowing, philosophy, the universe, marijuana edibles, and everything in between. We host a welcoming environment for diverse individuals who have this in common: we all want to expand consciousness, find more truth and beauty in the world, and create more peace through love. The world outside can be harsh; The Gallery is a source of creativity and serenity for cannabis connoisseurs across the Puget Sound.

Whether you are shopping for cannabis edibles, glass & wares , marijuana art, or other products, consumables, or accessories, we want you to visit our store and spend the time you need to find the very thing you’ve been searching for, or something unexpected that catches you by surprise and lights you up. In order to find that one item, you need to be in a safe space where you are surrounded by good vibes. That’s why we have created a shop where newcomers and aficionados alike can look closely, ask questions, discover new innovations, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones.

Our budtenders are passionate about what they do. Each is in the business of inclusion for all levels of cannabis enthusiast and spreading of knowledge of all the great uses of the marijuana plant. Our budtenders have first-hand experience with our products and a willingness to talk openly and honestly about what works well and for whom. Work, however, is the wrong word. The Gallery is a place of leisure. Take a look around and indulge your creative, joyful, curious nature. Bask in the art and wonder here and take home a piece of the magic. We’re sure you’ll be back to do it again.

The Gallery is all about a positive experience to keep you returning time after time for all your cannabis needs.

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