The finest experience in recreational cannabis

The Gallery isn’t like your typical cannabis dispensary experience. We cater to high-end tastes and refined palettes, but The Gallery is more than a store – it’s a unique and beautiful establishment that blends the line between art and retail.

The Menu

Our menu is constantly being updated to accurately portray our current inventory and special offers. Whether you’re a longtime cannabis enthusiast or trying it for the first time, The Gallery can help you find a strain that best suits your preferences.

The Menu

The Gallery strives to set itself apart from the traditional cannabis experience so mired in its former nature. Therefore, our product offerings don’t often reflect the typical fare in most Washington dispensaries. We bring our experience and refined tastes to Washington’s retail market in the hopes of advancing expectations and changing the status quo for the benefit of the discerning consumer.

The Products

The Gallery represents a sharp turn away from the historical experience of retail cannabis. With the knowledge and expertise of years of cannabis advocacy and the support of established business partners, The Gallery is in stark contrast to the garish and overt aesthetic found in most cannabis retail experiences.

The Culture