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Edibles & Beverages


A Delectable Selection of Weed Edibles and Beverages

Infusing cannabis extract with food or beverages not only allows users to avoid cannabis smoke, but to achieve a calmer, more relaxed high than smoking can offer. However, the effect of edibles is very individualized and difficult to predict, differing greatly between users.

A More Intense, Longer-lasting High

Because edibles and beverages are absorbed through the digestive tract rather than the lungs, the high is typically more intense and longer-lasting as a result. The typical dosage is between 5-10mg, but some edibles can contain as much as 100mg and are meant for multiple servings/dosages.
Edibles and beverages with cannabis content are processed through the liver, meaning the effects may not be present for 30-60 minutes, but can last between 4-12 hours. Beverages and tinctures can take effect much more quickly by comparison.

For all your cannabis-infused cravings, The Gallery invites you to a gastronomic experience. From mouth-watering THC-infused brownies to sparkling beverages that’ll quench your thirst, we offer a wide selection of treats.

Browse through the variety of weed edibles in all our stores. We will surely have something for you to munch on.