How to Clean Your Glass

There are many ways to go about cleaning your glass, and some of the methods are certainly more advisable than others.

Here are the simplest steps that you can take to go about cleaning your glass in a thorough, non-damaging way.

Carry out a pre-washing rinse process

Before you apply any kind of cleaning solution to your glass, you’re going to want to make sure that you rid your glass of any and all solid residue that isn’t directly adhered to the surface of the interior or exterior. The less solid matter that you have to deal with when you’re actually cleaning the glass, the less of a hassle the entire process will be.

Form a solution of salt and a non-toxic, plant-based cleaning solution

While there are many who would claim that using alcohol is a necessary aspect of the glass cleaning process, you’ll generally want to avoid this. Vaporized alcohol can be highly hazardous to your health if you ingest in when applying heat to the glass later on.

Rather than using an alcohol-based cleaner, your best course of action will generally be to opt for a plant-based cleaner with essential oils that doesn’t contain any chemical additives. Your plant-based solution should be tasteless, odorless, and easy to wash away with only a slight application of running water.

Apply the solution with a light shaking process

The manner in which you employ your solution will depend on the size of your glass apparatus. For smaller glass pipes, the best course of action will generally be to use a small Ziploc bag with 2 or 3 tablespoons of the solution. For larger items such as bongs, your best course of action will be to fill the main chamber with the solution up to around the water line.

After you’ve either submerged the small glass item or filled up the large glass item’s main chamber, simply shake the plastic bag or larger item until it forms a fine lather. To cut down the chance of the solution leaking out of larger items that your pour the solution into, you may want to use something like a series of cotton balls to close off the openings while you’re shaking it up. After shaking the item while exposed to the solution, a light rinse and air drying is all that’s necessary.

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